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Hardwood Flooring


Oregon City Hardwood Flooring | Hardwood Floors Oregon City, an Introduction

 Welcome to Portland Flooring & Carpet of Oregon City and the world of Hardwood Flooring

Here on our Portland Flooring & Carpet of Oregon City website, you’ll discover Oregon City’s most unique selection of hardwood flooring.

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Soon you’ll become acquainted with some of the most experienced and most knowledgeable flooring professionals around. Each member of our sales team averages more than 10 years’ experience in the flooring industry.

You can also look forward to enjoying world-class customer service, the kind our customers rank right up there with the best they have ever experienced.

But beyond our wall-to-wall capabilities, we deliver something rare and precious — one measurement none of our competitors can match. Portland Flooring & Carpet of Oregon City offers you…

More trust per square foot.

Its trust we’ve earned, by providing the local community for over 18 years combining Low Overhead Prices with Full Service Installations.

It’s trust we’ve created, through employees who believe customer service is a culture, not a department; people dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make things right. Because we and our families live here with you.

It’s also trust returned, by the generations of Portland customers who continue to come back to us because of our genuine caring, knowledge sharing and personal involvement.

At Portland Flooring & Carpet of Oregon City you never go it alone.

We carry only the highest quality, most trusted brands in hardwood flooring – names like Armstrong, Dansk, Columbia, Mannington, and Cronin.

Hardwood floors typically require a greater investment than most other flooring products, both from a material and installation standpoint. Your investment requires doing business with people who have the highest marks for honesty and integrity.

Portland Flooring & Carpet & Tile in Home of Oregon City delivers on both. And no other flooring company around here can match us when it comes to life’s most important measurement: trust.

It starts right here, right now. In the sections that follow you can trust us to share all we know about hardwood. So please continue.

If hardwood is a possibility in your home, you’ve come to the right place and the right people.

You’re certainly in good company. Hardwood has long been the choice of many homeowners. In fact, it continues to be one of the most popular and fastest growing floor covering choices.

As a flooring product, hardwood floors offer many features and benefits, to one of your most treasured possessions – your home.

Hardwood certainly answers the need for beauty. The timeless, elegant look of a hardwood floor can add warmth and character to any room.

In fact, the natural characteristics of wood add depth and a visual appearance that many other types of floors try to duplicate.

Rich, inviting hardwood floors are not only beautiful to live with, they can also add value to your home at resale time.

Plus, today, hardwood types, options and applications are more diverse and delightful than ever.

As the consumer demand for hardwood floors has grown so has the manufacturer’s ability to produce better quality finishes and superior construction techniques.

The result of those advancements is that wood floors can now be installed throughout the home, and over a wide variety of sub-floors.

If hardwood flooring is a possibility for you, we invite you to explore the other sections on beautifying your home with hardwood from Portland Flooring & Carpet of Oregon City, the people who inspire…

More trust per square foot.


Oregon City Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring has been in use inside of Portland homes and buildings for over a hundred years. Oregon City Hardwood flooring is a classic and can hardly become outdated. It creates a sophisticated feel to any room.

Some of the Many benefits of hardwood flooring:

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Requires very little to no maintenance
  • Added value to your home
  • Creates a very clean environment as it barely traps dirt and dust
  • Resilient – lasts a long time
  • Most can be refinished, doubling or tripling the floor’s usable lifetime
  • Wide variety of sizes, colors, species, methods of construction, and installation types

The overwhelming majority of wood that is sold and installed today is pre-finished. Pre-finished wood has a better finish than what you can achieve in the field and it installs with little to no dust or hassle to your existing home.

Pre-finished wood should have multiple coats of finish, an Aluminum Oxide wear-layer, and be UV-cured to create a harder finish. A professional should be consulted to be sure you are using the right species in the area that you are interested in as each species has its own pros and cons.

Please check out the National Wood Flooring Association for more information on species, manufacturing types, and other hardwood flooring information, or contact us with questions.

Important note: When purchasing hardwood flooring for your Oregon City home make sure that you are purchasing it from responsible hardwood flooring manufacturers, and from reputable flooring companies that can help you with the warranty process should there be any issues.

For information on unfinished wood please contact us as each job is unique and we need to discuss it for the best results.